Your Vendure Implementation Partner

We build online stores with Vendure and help you run your online business.

Open source

Why Vendure?

We build software with Vendure because it's open source and ensures great quality. We love the community, so we give back by sharing our knowledge and improvements via plugins and recipes

We value expertise and specialism, so we only focus on building e-commerce solutions with Vendure, nothing else.

  • Customizable

    Vendure is highly customizable, so it can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Future proof

    Vendure is headless, so we can always replace the look and feel of your storefront, without changing platforms.
  • Community

    Vendure has an active community, support is always available. We value community, so we give back as much as we can.
  • Open source

    It's open source, so the community as a whole improves the platform faster. The same goes for our plugins

// Easily customize your shipping needs
// with one of our plugins

import { ShippingExtensionsPlugin } from 

plugins: [
      weightUnit: "kg",
        app: compileUiExtensions({
          extensions: [

An indication of our pricing

Prices below are just an indication. We work on hourly basis and can give you a rough estimate before we start working together.

€8.000 /

One time

Vanilla setup

We will setup a vanilla Vendure on Google Cloud, including a custom storefront. Performant and highly scalable.

€200 /



This is the estimated hosting cost for an online store with a revenue of €30.000/month

€120 /


Continuous improvement

We will help you improve your store on a regular basis.
Above rate is for senior developers, for junior developers we charge €60/hour.

Showcase: Colour Graphics

We've built the new website for one of UK's top digital printing companies, using Vendure and Astro.

  • Features

    • Configurable products
    • Blazing fast search
    • Customizable invoices
    • Multiple storefronts with a single admin
    • Integration with accounting platforms
    • Shipping label printing
    • A single UI to maintain option prices

More showcases?

We are busy building new stuff, so if you'd like to hear more about our projects get in touch.