• Easily manage products, discounts and promotions yourself!
  • Blazing fast static sites
  • SEO optimized
  • You will be onboarded on how to use your shop

We focus on the technical things, so you can focus on your products and marketing!

Day 1 - Discovery

Who are you? What does your business stand for? Together we draw up some core principles that function as guidelines throughout the project. We will ask you to gather some sample data like products, images and categories.

Day 3 - Design and layout

How should we organize your categories and products? How can we make life easy for your customers. We will advise you on what works best for the products you're selling.

Week 1 - Prototype

We create a prototype based on the previous steps and ask you for feedback on the prototype. The prototype will be a first working version of your webshop.

Week 2 - Build it

We take your feedback from the prototype and build the final version of the webshop. While we build, you can already add products, create categories and upload images to the webshop.

Week 3 - Launch!

Together we do a final check, and then it's time to launch your webshop! Start selling and shipping.
* With the Retailer package, this will be around week 6.

This is how you manage your shop with Vendure

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